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Become a Trainer

  • Have access to a wheelchair-friendly gym?
  • Like to increase your cash flow?
  • You could use a gym / studio in off-peak periods and help people with Parkinson's disease!

The Punchin Parko’s Exercise Program (PPEP) is designed to improve the quality of life of People with Parkinson’s (PwP’s) through a non contact boxing and exercise program. It aims to assist and empower them to overcome some of the debilitating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (Pd). However, the program is not a cure.

Complete a Train the Trainer Course so that you can offer this program in your community.

The Punchin' Parko's Exercise Program (PPEP) is an exercise program designed to assist and empower persons suffering from Parkinson’s disease (Pd), regardless of their degree of affliction, to help themselves in overcoming many of the symptoms of Pd which, left untouched, severely reduce the quality of life of the person with Pd. It is not a cure!

Who can become a coach?

To become a PPEP coach, applicants must be over the ago of 18 and have a qualification that will allow them to obtain sufficient insurance for teaching an exercise program to an individual or a group who have a disability. This includes:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Exercise physiologists
  • Personal trainers
  • Boxing instructors
  • Holders of Certificate 3 or 4 in Fitness - group exercise instructor

Our training provides:

  • An overview of Parkinson’s disease
  • Methods to grade the different abilities of class participants
  • Methods to grade the different abilities of class participants
  • Coaching principles and techniques
    • warm up and cool down exercises
    • non contact boxing techniques
    • adapting general exercises and games specifically to assist PwP’s
    • advice on the importance of speech
  • Information regarding the role and importance of volunteers
  • Methods on how to run a session
  • Scenarios - how to handle difficult situations
  • The administrative side of running the program
  • Advice on the suitability of premises
  • Advise on the fit out and equipment required for the PPEP
  • Advice regarding O,H & S - health and safety in the gym

Prospective trainers must be at least 18 years old and must complete our questionnaire before applying to undertake the two day seminar.

At the successful completion of the Train the Trainers 2 day Course you will be invited to become an affiliate of Punchin' Parko's. After signing the Affiliate Agreement and upon paying the prescribed annual fee  you will be able to:

  • Use the PP name and PPEP logo
  • Have on-going interaction and support form the headquarters main office
  • Have access to a private online forum to interact with other affiliates
  • Access on-going education
  • Obtain discount prices on Punchin' Parko's clothing and apparatus eg boxing gloves and hand wraps.

Join the movement in the fight against Parkinson’s disease! If you would like to become an accredited PPEP trainer, register your interest for our upcoming training courses.