Punchin' Parko's


Can I come and observe a session?

We suggest that you make an appointment to be graded and depending on your grading, then participate in a class soon afterwards.From our experience you will gain more from participating than just watching. All of this will be free.

I’m in a wheelchair / use a mobility scooter, is everything accessible without steps?

Sure is! We are in a large space on the same level as a large open air car park.

Where are your locations?

Punchin' Parko's main location is in Chatswood, Sydney. Please see our address details for Chatswood on our Contact page.

We also train coaches who now run their own Accredited The Punchin' Parko's Exercise Program (PPEP).

View our list of Accredited Punchin' Parko's Exercise Program (PPEP) coaches on our Find A Class page.