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Non-contact boxing & exercise program for men & women of any age specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s.

Punchin’ Parko's Exercise Program (PPEP) is a way to fight back against Parkinson’s disease. It is not a cure.

Many people participating in the sessions on a regular basis have been able to keep their Parkinson's symptoms at bay, particularly if they have only been diagnosed relatively recently. Some people have been able to reclaim some of their previous quality of life. This is not only wonderful for them, but it also alleviates some of the pressure on loved ones who care for them.

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Non-contact boxing classes can reverse, reduce and even delay the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Why Non-Contact Boxing

What is this all about?

Modern research supports the importance of forced, repetitive and complex exercise as an adjunct to conventional medical and surgical treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

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Did you know?

Boxing improves your co-ordination, power, speed & reaction times, balance & posture, gait & mobility, voice projection.

We have a team of coaches who are experts in their field, including boxing, fitness & neuro-linguistics – sometimes all wrapped up in one person!

Our coaches are all trained in First Aid & CPR and the use of a defibrillator.

Fight back against

Parkinson's disease.

Become a trainer - suitable for personal trainers, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, boxing coaches, staff at rehab facilities OR anyone who wants to learn how to start group classes in their own community.